Custom Performance Tuning HP Tuners for Ford Vehicles



Our tuning services are for racing and off-highway / off-road use only, we follow all applicable environmental laws and we do not disable emissions controls.

Tuning is available for any gasoline or hybrid Ford vehicle that is supported by HP Tuners. We no longer are tuning with SCT devices.

Currently we do not tune diesel vehicles.

Our tuning technician is Ford trained and experienced with tuning turbo/EcoBoost engines, supercharged engines, and naturally aspirated engines. He will work with you to develop a custom tune for your vehicle.

Potential benefits of tuning:

  • Improved acceleration
  • Increased boost for turbo and supercharged applications
  • More torque and horsepower
  • Engine braking (for towing)
  • Quicker shifts with custom shift points
  • Eliminate skip shifts (if desired)
  • Fix transmission shifting surges and hesitation
  • Refer to our Tuning Page for more information

Tuning is required if you have installed these upgrades (not a complete list):

  • Larger fuel injectors
  • Larger turbos
  • Increased tire size
  • Changed rear gearing
  • Larger capacity intercooler
  • Lower temperature thermostat
  • Non-OEM blow off valve
  • Larger throttle body
  • Using any fuel with high Ethanol content such as E50 or E85
  • High pressure fuel pump

Tuning is optional but recommended if you have installed these upgrades:

  • Cold air intake and/or high flow air filter
  • High flow cats and/or downpipes/y-pipes
  • Catback exhaust
  • Turbo adapters
  • Low pressure fuel pump

Supported Tuning Devices:

After you purchase tuning, you must complete a tuning form. One tuning form is required per vehicle.

Important Information:

  • 2021 – 2022 F-150 require the HP Tuners MG1 Service to enable tuning
  • Tuning is for one tune, unless multiple tunes are purchased
  • Each tune you purchase will have two revisions included
  • Additional tune revisions will be charged at an hourly rate of $150/hr, minimum of 1 hour
  • You will need to purchase a supported tuning device (see above)
  • We do not disable emissions controls

TL Tech LLC nor any of its suppliers or their subsidiaries make any representation that the products or services comply with the air and/or noise emissions laws, or labeling laws, of any jurisdiction. The purchasers are entirely responsible for informing themselves of the applicable laws where the products are to be used and to comply with those laws.

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