The Tuning School Dodge Hemi Engine Using HP Tuners VCM Suite 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L


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The Tuning School’s Dodge HEMI course using HP Tuners VCM Suite for Dodge/Ram Hemi engines 5.7, 6.1, 6.4¬†comes with separate Fueling Guide to help tune for drivability.

This course will teach students a safe, repeatable, process-based system for everything from the basics of tuning the stock car all the way through full bolt-ons and mild boosted applications up to 7-8 PSI.

Some of the sections included in this course:

  • Injectors: How to change the injector size
  • MDS: How to modify the MDS (Displacement on Demand)
  • Engine Size: Updating the engine size for larger bore
  • Idle & Startup: How to fix idle stability and adjust startup parameters
  • Airflow and Torque: Adjusting airflow limiters and torque management
  • Fuel and Spark: Learn how to adjust fueling and spark advance/retard
  • Variable Cam: Learn to modify variable cam angle tuning
  • Scanners: Learn how to use the scanner for diagnostics and monitoring engine performance
  • Fuel to Air Ratio (FAR): Understanding the fuel to air ration system used by Dodge
  • Artificial Neural Network: Understanding how the ANN works autonomously to modify engine parameters and determining how to adjust it.

To view some excerpts and examples from the course click here

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