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Woodcraft RHS Hand Guard

Woodcraft RHS Hand Guard

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Brake lever & hand protection that makes sense! Why protect your right side? As you may know from the Daytona 200 final lap disaster in 2011- brake lever contact can be catastrophic. In addition to preventing accidental lever contact- these guards also help to protect both your levers and your right hand in a crash. Features you'll find in ALL Woodcraft Handguards.


  • Clamps to any aftermarket 7/8'' handlebar
  • IMPORTANT: designed for use with aftermarket clipons (See Installation Instructions)


  • Guard length adjustable to fit a variety of controls


  • Cost effective replacement parts (all pieces available separately)

The Important Details

  • Sloped design allows complete unrestrained hand movement
  • Engineered to absorb energy to aid in rider control during contact
  • Mandated by FIM and AMA
  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Personalize Your Ride
  • 7 color options
  • The first lever guard approved by AMA Superbike

NOTE: Our handguard require 5/8" of handlebar surface to clamp to. For secure clamping engagement it is recommended to mount the handguard to either the aluminum bar surface or Woodcraft 16-9299 bar end sliders. Mounting to the plastic bar end plug is NOT RECOMMENDED.

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