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Thermal Technology

Thermal Technology Race Tire Warmers

Thermal Technology Race Tire Warmers

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Tire warmer with user-friendly Integrated Electronic management. Racing motorbike tire warmer with an electronic controlled device inserted through the tie rod that allows adjustment of the temperature on three pre-set levels, 50°C – 90°C – 110° C (122°F - 194°F - 230°F) with LED indicator and button for selection. Built with flame retardant outer fabric and nonflammable internal fabric Nomex and neoprene elastic skirt.


  • Heating regulation with integrated electronic controller
  • Selectable setpoint: 50/90/110°C
  • Heat level indications through LED lights (fix/flashing)
  • Neoprene elastic band for perfect lateral winding
  • Non-flammable internal fabric
  • Flame retardant, water and oil resistant, rubberized external fabric
  • Double layer insulation to avoid dispersive waste of heat
  • Sold as a set (front + rear)


        • Carbon fiber heating resistance surrounded by a thermo-conductive silicone cover
        • Heating element with transversal and longitudinal shape
        • Power consumption 950W
        • Material compliant with EC standards
        • 3 years warranty, 2 years on electronic parts
        • Inclusive exclusively designed transport and storage bag


              • M - Front 120 Rear 160
              • L - Front 120 Rear 180
              • XL - Front 120 Rear 190/200
              • XXL - Front 125 Rear > 205

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