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Thermal Technology

Thermal Technology Evo Tri Zone Tire Warmers

Thermal Technology Evo Tri Zone Tire Warmers

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Thermal Technology was the first company to include independent zones inside the tire warmer to optimize the temperature. The pursuit of maximum performance has brought Thermal Technology to introduce technical innovations to fully optimize the heating of the tire. Three independent zones to uniformly heat both the tread and the rim. All monitored by special control units.

The Evo Tri Zone is the top-of-the-line model that also heats the rim used by world championship teams.


  • Evolution of the top of the range with independent Rim heating.
  • Dual zone temperature adjustment
  • Integrated rim heater with independent temperature adjustment
  • Temperature adjustment with integrated control unit
  • Setpoint range rim 0 - 130°C (266°F)
  • Setpoint range tire 0 - 120°C (248°F)
  • Nomex non-flammable internal and external fabric
  • Insulation with reflective layer
  • Heating element with transversal and longitudinal shape
  • Sold as a set (front + rear)


  • Carbon fiber heating resistance surrounded by a thermo-conductive silicone cover
  • Heating element with transversal and longitudinal shape
  • Power consumption 1450W
  • Black color
  • Material compliant with EC standards
  • 3 years warranty, 2 years on electronic parts
  • Comes with exclusively designed transport and storage bag


    • M - Front 120 Rear 160
    • L - Front 120 Rear 180
    • XL - Front 120 Rear 190/200
    • XXL - Front 125 Rear > 205

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