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The Tuning School Ford Coyote Engine including the Online Companion Course

The Tuning School Ford Coyote Engine including the Online Companion Course

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This is The Tuning School's most comprehensive learning system yet. It features the Ford Coyote printed course using HP Tuners along with the online learning companion.

The Ford Coyote Online Companion Course is designed to provide a visualized learning experience for every student who is learning at home.

In 10 comprehensive sessions, you are visually guided through the printed course materials as you learn a proven safe step-by-step tuning process for GEN 1-3 Coyote based engines.

Tuning Coyotes can be challenging, with the complex HDFX system and Ti-VCT, but with the included Bolt-on and Forced Induction processes, every level of tuner can make confident changes and improvements.

Your Companion Course includes:

  • Almost 10 hours of lectures, quizzes, and practical self-assessments
  • Bonus Content! Session 0: Basic Engine Fundamentals
  • Topics covered include:
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Airflow and induction
  • Fueling, spark, and knock
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Multiple articles and external video content
  • Access to our student only Facebook page

For a sample video of this course, please watch the video below:

This new course from The Tuning School is entirely focused on the powerful Coyote platform. It goes in-depth by including tuning specific changes for GEN I (2011-2014), GEN II (2015-2017) and GEN III (2018+) Coyote.

Excludes 2015+ trucks modified past minor bolt-ons and does not explain speed density tuning.

To view some excerpts and examples from the printed course book click here


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