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BSD Blip-Box Auto Blipper Downshift System for Kawasaki ZX10R (16-18)

BSD Blip-Box Auto Blipper Downshift System for Kawasaki ZX10R (16-18)

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What does it do and what is Blip Box?

  • This miniature module provides an fully programmable throttle 'auto blip' when ever a down-shift registered via your foot pressure.
  • The signal to shift comes from a load cell integrated into the gear linkage that we supply with this kit
  • There is no re-programming of the ECU and all existing sensors remain in place.
  • Data from the throttle grip and the on-board CAN bus are used to determine the optimum shifting parameters
  • Just plug it in using the fully pre-wired adapter loom and ride

System info:

Blip-Box-pro still comes fully pre-programmed with a 'blip map' for your bike model but with shift activation from a load cell designed to fit directly to the existing gear change linkages, no new parts or fabrication are needed by the customer.

  • Compatible with 'road shift' and 'race shift' linkage systems.
  • This product is designed for race or track users who like the concept of shifting down without the clutch, but may also be used on the road.
  • This load cell also replaces the standard up-shift switch on the bike so the Blip-Box takes over up shifting allowing a fully programmable shift load.
  • Via a dedicated (yet simple) piece of software any user can link up over USB to modify all system parameters enabling custom 'blip maps' , shift loading and many other parameters. (cable not included)

Blip Box fully integrates with your bike via the CAN network and the Ride By Wire system to provide a clutch free down shift ‘blip’ whenever you apply force to the shift lever. The force is measured by our ‘race derived’ load cell to provide data for both the standard up-shift and the downshift blip.

All systems come fully pre-programmed with library maps for all installations. Just plug it in and ride. No dyno needed, no warning lights and no problems due to the latest self-calibrating software to keep your system running year after year.

All Blip Box kits come with a dedicated wiring loom (no chopping or splicing in of wires) and only four items to plug in. Throttle Grip, Shift Load Cell, Blip Box, CAN-Power Point.

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