Tuning For Ford Cars And Trucks

Tuning For Ford Cars And Trucks

Simply put, tuning reprograms the software in your vehicle to produce more power and torque. It takes a trained and experienced technician to develop a safe tune that delivers additional performance. At TL Tech our tuning technician is Ford trained, has years of experience, and is responsive to your needs.

How To Get Started

1. Not all vehicles support tuning, check the SCT website or HP Tuners website to see if your vehicle is supported. Once you confirm that your vehicle is supported, proceed to the next step.

2. Purchase a tuning device. There are many tuning device manufacturers. TL Tech specializes in custom tuning for SCT and HP Tuners devices. Most SCT devices come with a pre-loaded tune from SCT. However, if you choose to add a custom tune from TL Tech it will be built to your specifications for your particular vehicle. HP Tuners devices do not come with a preloaded tune. HP Tuners has two types of tuning devices. The MPVI3 enables us to custom tune your vehicle and gives you the ability to tune your own vehicle. The RTD only supports custom tuning. HP Tuners requires you to buy HPT Credits for your particular vehicle. For Ford vehicles, the number of credits you need varies. Check the HP Tuners website to determine the number of credits you need to buy. You can add credits at any time, however you won't be able to use your HP Tuners device until it has credits added to it.
After you consider the various device options, the next step is to purchase a tuning device based on your preference and compatibility with your vehicle:
3. After you purchase the device and HPT Credits (if required), the next step is to Purchase a TL Tech Custom Tune

4. After you purchased a TL Tech Custom Tune, then fill out a tuning form with your tuning details. This step may need to wait until you receive your device.

5. Download the SCT or HP Tuners Software depending on your device
6. TL Tech will deliver a tune for you to write to your vehicle

7. Enjoy the performance of your tuned vehicle!

Benefits Of Tuning Your Vehicle

  • Custom tuning specifically for your vehicle tailored to your preferences, not a "canned tune"
  • TL Tech has specialized training in tuning Ford¬†vehicles
  • Increased throttle response
  • Increased boost, torque, and horsepower
  • Tuning is recommended after upgrading intake, exhaust, turbos, or intercooler
  • Improve shifting for automatic transmissions including 10R80 and 6R80 transmissions
  • Compatible with all octane levels and Ethanol content, including E50 and E85
  • All tunes for street legal vehicles are emissions compliant. We will not disable emissions controls and we¬†follow the guidelines of the Clean Air Act.
  • Application specific tuning is available for off-highway, off-road, track and drag race vehicles. Please specify these requirements on the tuning form.

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