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Motorcycle Tuning

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TL Tech has motorcycle tuning available for racers, track day riders, and race teams who are looking to maximize the performance of their motorcycle. Our expert tuners will work with you to ensure your bike is running exactly the way you need it to run.

If your bike is not setup for tuning, we will advise you on the tuning interface to purchase and help you install it and the wideband O2 controller and O2 sensor that are required for remote tuning. If you live in the Manassas, Virginia area, we can install the hardware for you and perform the initial tuning on-site (additional charges apply). Our tuning services are for racing and off-highway / off-road use only, we follow all applicable environmental laws and we do not disable emissions controls.


  • Tuning includes all of the benefits of ECU Flashing plus you get to work directly with our expert tuners!
  • Re-calibration of the Air-To-Fuel Ratio (AFR) to adjust for additional airflow after installing a race exhaust system and/or high flow air filter
  • Smoother idle
  • Faster throttle response
  • Prevent overheating and engine damage from lean fuel conditions
  • Launch control and quickshifter setup or changes
  • Remote tuning to recalibrate as needed (re-tuning fee applies)

How To Get Your Bike Tuned

  • Check the Supported ECUs List below to see if your bike is supported
  • Purchase the Motorcycle Tuning Service
  • Complete the Motorcycle Tuning Form
  • We will contact you with information regarding the tuning interface that is required
  • Once you have the tuning interface installed, we will load an initial tune on your bike and test it with datalogging
  • You will send us the datalog file and we will refine the tuning based on the data and based on rider feedback. Up to 2 tuning refinements are included in the initial tuning, then there is a $150/hr fee for each revision after that.

Dyno Tuning

  • If are looking to dyno tune your bike, we have a partner in Maryland who handles our dyno tuning since we do not have a dyno of our own.
  • Once your bike is dyno tuned, our shop will work with you on the refinements to the tuning that are needed.
  • Dyno tuning is available by request only and is not included with the TL Tech Tuning Service on our website.
  • Dyno tuning is billed hourly and currently runs $150/hr (November 2022)
  • Read our article about Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to answer any tuning questions you may have!

Supported ECUs for Tuning and Flashing

Flash the ECU on your Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, or Kawasaki motorcycle and get the benefits of:

  • Increase engine rpm limit
  • Remove speed limiter (racing applications)
  • Improved throttle response
  • Faster acceleration
  • Eliminate exhaust popping
  • Prevent lean fuel conditions due to increased airflow

Here’s how it works:

  1. Confirm your bike is supported (refer to the list below)
  2. Purchase the ECU Flashing Mail-in Service
  3. Fill out the Module Flashing Form and select the services you would like
  4. We will provide you with address to mail us your ECU
  5. We evaluate it and if it’s suitable for update (not damaged) then we update it and mail it back to you (overnight delivery available)
  6. If the module is damaged and unable to be updated, then we will mail back the module


  • There is a$300 minimum charge for updating that does not include return shipping
  • After the module has been updated you will be charged for return shipping
  • If the module cannot be updated, the $300 is returned to you minus the return shipping
  • We have additional services in the Module Flashing Form which may incur additional charges which will be agreed upon prior to performing the programming
  • Custom programming and tuning can also be added for additional fees
  • Track and off-highway use only

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