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Motorcycle Street And Track Riding Books

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These are books I recommend to improve your street and track riding skills. Each author has a unique approach and presents different techniques. I recommend reading at least a couple of these books from different authors so you can benefit from the different perspectives. Try out the techniques and see what works best for you. You may find using a combination of techniques yields the best results. Each author has a strong point of view and tries to convince the reader that his way is the correct way to improve riding skills. My personal feeling after applying the techniques on the street and at the track is that all of the techniques described in the books have merit. When used in combination and applied at the right time they will elevate your riding skills to a professional level.

I recommend reading the books in the following order starting with the fundamentals and working up to the expert level techniques.

Cornering Confidence
By Jon DelVecchio

This is an excellent book about trail braking. If you are not trail braking on the street, you are missing out on all the fun! This book alone will elevate your street riding, improve your confidence, and will give you the skills to handle those tricky decreasing radius turns.

Total Control
By Lee Parks

This book covers it all from basic riding techniques to advanced skills. Other topics include suspension setup, chassis tuning, and riding gear. If you only have time to read one book, this is the one to read! Lee is the founder of Total Control Training and holds training classes for all levels of riders.

A Twist Of The Wrist
By Keith Code

This book is essential reading for first time track riders. You will learn how to best handle the different challenges a track will throw at you. Keith Code has been training riders since 1976. In this book he shares the techniques taught at the California Superbike School.

Sport Riding Techniques
By Nick Ienatsch

Take your track riding to the next level with this book from Nick Ienatsch (pronounced eye-notch), founder of the Yamaha Champions Riding School, also known as “Champ School.” With a forward written by Kenny Roberts, this book has instant credibility. The techniques explained in the book can propel a rider from the intermediate level to the advanced level if they are repetitively practiced. That is accomplished by emulating the winning techniques from AMA and MotoGP champion riders.

A Twist Of The Wrist II
By Keith Code

To go fast on the track, you need to keep your survival reactions in check and maintain your confidence to control the bike. Keith Code identifies seven survival reactions that do not help you survive. In fact they can make you crash if you are unable to control them. Maintaining your focus and staying in the moment are critical for professional level riding. This book helped me gain more confidence and control when going fast on the track. I highly recommend it for track riders who aspire to improve their lap times or those riders who want to overcome their anxiety of going fast.

Smooth Riding The Pridmore Way
By Reg Pridmore

This book describes the essential techniques to ride a motorcycle safely and confidently. Reg Pridmore is an AMA champion and is in the AMA Hall of Fame. There are stories throughout the book about Reg’s racing career and about his family which I found to be very interesting and enjoyable. Reg is known for his body steering technique which is an important skill to master to turn quickly and safely on the track and on the street. This book is a companion to Reg’s CLASS Motorcycle School.

Techniques Of Motor Cycle Road Racing
By Kenny Roberts

In this book, the origins of the pioneering techniques used by motorcycle racers today are explained by none other than Kenny Roberts himself. Kenny is an AMA champion, is in the AMA Hall of Fame, and is a legendary motorcycle racer.