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Motorcycle ECU Flashing

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What is it?

ECU flashing is the process of adjusting the settings on a motorcycle engine control unit (ECU) to suit the rider’s preferences. There are several different approaches to flashing. One approach is to flash the ECU with basic adjustments, such as increasing the RPM limiter, then using a piggyback controller, like a Power Commander, to make finer changes to fuel and spark tables to improve performance. The second approach is to make all changes in the flash which negates the need for a piggyback controller. At TL Tech we can do either, however, we use a hybrid approach, i.e. we make subtle changes to limiters, fuel, and spark tables. If more precise adjustments are needed, we can setup remote tuning using an interface on the customer’s ECU. If you are interested in remote tuning, please contact us. Our flashing and tuning services are for racing and off-highway / off-road use only, we follow all applicable environmental laws and we do not disable emissions controls.

Supported ECUs for Tuning and Flashing

Flash the ECU on your Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, or Kawasaki motorcycle and get the benefits of:

  • Increase engine rpm limit
  • Remove speed limiter (racing applications)
  • Improved throttle response
  • Faster acceleration
  • Eliminate exhaust popping
  • Prevent lean fuel conditions due to increased airflow

What settings can be adjusted?

Late model ECUs have more features than older ECUs. The settings that are available for adjustment depends on the ECU. Here is a list of settings that can be changed by flashing a typical late model ECU:

  • RPM and speed limiters
  • Traction control settings
  • Fuel and spark tables for each power mode
  • Exhaust valve and air intake valve opening/closing
  • Idle RPM, fan temp switch
  • Quickshifter/auto-blipper control
  • Launch control, pit speed limiter
  • And much more!

Next Steps

  1. Confirm your bike is supported (refer to the list below)
  2. Purchase the ECU Flashing Mail-in Service
  3. Fill out the Module Flashing Form and select the services you would like
  4. We will provide you with address to mail us your ECU
  5. We evaluate it and if it’s suitable for update (not damaged) then we update it and mail it back to you (overnight delivery available)
  6. If the module is damaged and unable to be updated, we will send back the module and refund the cost of the flashing minus return shipping


  • There is a $300 minimum charge for updating that does not include return shipping
  • If the module cannot be updated you will receive a full refund minus the cost of return shipping
  • We have additional services in the ECU Flashing Form which may incur additional charges which will be agreed upon prior to performing the programming
  • Custom programming and tuning can also be added for an additional charge, just tell us what you would like to do and we will give you an estimate
  • Track and off-highway use only

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